Ravenwood - Battle Mats

About Ravenwood Game's Battle Mats

We don’t just work – sometimes we play and when we do its old school tabletop games. With a long history of gaming, back to the 1980s, we've picked up a few insights into what makes for a good map.

The scale for our maps is 28mm, the most common scale, but of course, if a map looks suitable for your unique scale there's no reason you can't use it.

Material: Premium Artist Canvas - a heavyweight water-resistant, poly/cotton blend canvas. This is the same canvas used for fine art prints found in galleries around the world. It feels good, lays down nice, and looks classy.

Grid Options

All our Battle Mats are available with optional 1" grids or hexes printed directly on the map. The standard option is plain with no markings. If you would like a grid or hex please message us immediately after you order. If no grid is requested you will receive a gridless map.